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Policy Statement

GB Lubricants Integrated Management Systems Policy Statement

GB Lubricants, a trading division of Goodall, Bates & Todd Ltd is a manufacturing company based in Gateshead specialising in the manufacture, procurement and supply of lubricants, greases and ancillary products for the automotive, commercial vehicle, heavy plant and general industrial markets. We offer a unique service, personalising products for wholesale and retail, automotive and industrial use.

Our policy is to integrate quality, health, safety, energy management and environmental characteristics into the scope of our business, viewing them as opportunities for improvement. To achieve these, we operate an Integrated Management System that complies with the international standards ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO50001 and ISO45001, structured in accordance with PAS 99.

We will anticipate future changes, assess risks and take measures to prevent or minimise risks. We will consult and actively encourage worker participation in all aspects of the IMS. Compliance with this policy will be demonstrated with regular audits and the monitoring of our performance.
A procedure is in place to ensure problems are investigated promptly, the root cause established and effective action taken to prevent a recurrence.

We are committed to the continual:
• Provision of a safe and healthy working environment and the prevention of injury or ill health of employees or others who could be affected by our actions;
• Prevention of pollution, the reduction of waste and minimising environmentally harmful emissions;
• Substitution or elimination of materials that pose a risk to health, safety or the environment;
• Improvement of our energy performance;
• Improvement of communication both internally and externally to ensure that information is made available as rapidly and accurately as possible;
• Establishment and review of objectives and targets for quality, health, safety and the environment matters including those specifically related to our energy performance. These are communicated to all personnel and their involvement encouraged.
• Compliance with relevant quality, health, safety and environmental legislation, regulations, standards (ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO50001, ISO45001) and internationally recognised test methods. This includes a commitment to comply with other requirements to which we may subscribe which relate to our environmental aspects & energy consumption as well as health & safety hazards.
• Provision of adequate financial and physical resources to achieve our objectives and targets
• Consideration to the suitability, energy efficiency and sustainability of products and services used during the design and procurement stage.
• Improvement, evaluation and regular review of the Integrated Management System including this policy statement so that it continues to remain appropriate and relevant to the business, the requirements of the international standards, our stakeholders and the products and services that we deliver.
• Maintenance and development of partnerships with our suppliers in their undertaking to meet our quality standards and will, within a competitive framework, favour suppliers who act in accordance with our safety, health, environmental and energy performance principles.

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