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New Biodegradable Saw Lubricants

GB Lubricants have recently welcomed two brand new band saw and circular saw blades lubricants to their ever-expanding range of biodegrdable lubricants.

GB UNIBIO® SAWLUBE C5 and GB UNIBIO® BSL 5 are readily biodegradable lubricants for band saw and circular saw blades. Developed from specially selected additives, natural vegetable ester and natural fatty acids, these saw blade lubricants provide highly effective lubrication with minimum impact on the environment and operators.

We have recently been running customer-based fields trials on both these products to great success.

Following these trials customers saw the following performance features and benefits:


- Readily biodegradable, free of genetically modified ingredients.
- Excellent lubricity, leading to extended blade life.
- Leaves no residue on timber unlike red diesel.
- Leaves a clean, light sawdust, reducing sawdust build up with in the machine, also making the sawdust suitable and friendly for animal bedding.
- No unpleasant smells compared to using red diesel.
- Non-flammable product, higher flash point than red diesel
- Good oxidation stability
- Good corrosion protection


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