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New Regional Sales Manager Aims to Raise the Profile of GB Lubricants

Breathe, smile, prioritise and plan. That’s how Amanda Byrne has made a success of her first year as GB Lubricants Regional Sales Manager, taking on new responsibilities in management, market trend analysis and sales and marketing strategy. Promoted to the position following four years as an Area Sales Representative, the move, she says, is the highlight of her career to date. 

“Personal and professional development is something that GB Lubricants has always been very supportive of, they truly value their staff,” says Amanda, who advocates a healthy level of competition amongst her regional sales team to incentivise them, whilst making sure to communicate and celebrate achievements as individuals, and as a department.

“Seeing the results of the work they have done gives them confidence, and it’s important to acknowledge and give feedback on the positive things that have happened. They are excellent in their roles and look after their areas well.” 

Transparency has been a key element of Amanda’s approach to team building, particularly as she’s led them through the unprecedented level and nature of changes to working practices that have taken place due to COVID-19. 

“If the team know what the reasons are when things happen, it keeps them happy and driven which pushes us to even greater heights. When things change in one area, nine times out of then it’s the same for all areas. We have discussions to keep abreast of things that are happening within our department, and the wider company, so we can see the bigger picture that we are all a part of. It can be a lonely job sometimes, so I make sure that everyone is there for each other.”

Before the pandemic, Amanda and her team worked remotely but spent most of their time on the road visiting current clients and prospecting new ones. Although this balance has now reversed, with meetings being held online, Amanda believes the shift has been a positive one that has boosted productivity.    

“COVID-19 has pushed changes which were on the cards, but apart from being able to visit customers again, I don’t think going back to the way it was before is a good idea.”

“The pandemic has made us look at things differently and work smarter. We have had to re-think how we can move the business into the next phase, as well as stay in touch with, and give our customers what they want and need right now.”

With a new social media and marketing strategy ready to launch, Amanda hopes to raise the profile of GB Lubricants. With industry events cancelled throughout 2020, and for the foreseeable future, she is looking to harness the power of the digital world to network and generate new business. Part of the plan is to showcase individuals within GB Lubricants to endorse the company’s approachability and personal touch to customer service. 

“We are making the GB Lubricants team the face of the campaign so customers know who we are and who they’re dealing with. I think this gives an instant connection with customers.”

During her early career, Amanda worked for direct competitors in the fuel and lubricants sectors, something which she feels has given her a wider market perspective and understanding. 

“I guess I gave GB Lubricants a little headache in the past! If I could go back and give myself a piece of advice when I started, it would be understanding the difference between fuel sales and lubricants. Fuel is 24/7 prices changing and once a quote is given the order is there very quickly, but lubricants is different and is often a much more technical based saleWhen quotes are given it can be days, weeks or months sometimes before the order is actually placed and that was difficult to grasp at first. Thinking I’d lost an order and missed out used to be worrying.”

When she’s not at work, Amanda likes to draw and paint; a hobby which she feels has aspects that are complimentary to her role.   

“I enjoy the step by step nature of painting, whilst keeping in mind the vision of what it will look like in the end. This creative process perhaps helps me at work because I can see all aspects that have an effect when sorting out an issue, I can look at what can be done differently, and what we can do better. Ultimately making GB a stronger company with a bright future.”


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