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New Product: GB TURBO RN 5W-30

GB TURBO RN 5W-30 is a mid-SAPS synthetic technology passenger car engine oil, specifically formulated to meet the demands of Renault vehicles produced after 2018 and using their latest gasoline and diesel engines. It is also compatible with older engines where RN0700 and RN0710 engine oil specifications were required.

GB TURBO RN 5W-30 can be used in engines fitted with gasoline particulate filters (GPFs), diesel particulate filters (DPFs), SCR AdBlue systems and catalytic converters. (Note that for diesel engines up to September 2018 – Euro 6D-Temp Standard – only use engine lubricants complying with RN0720, such as GB Turbo SXC4 5W-30).

GB TURBO RN 5W-30 offers the following performance features:

- Increased levels of piston cleanliness
- Soot, sludge and wear control
- Increased valve train wear protection in diesel engines
- GPF compatability
- TDGI (Turbo Direct Gasoline Injection) protection at high temperatures and loads

To view the full product bulletin, please click here.

You are able to view the product online here.


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