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Hydraulic Oil Quality Assurance Bulletin - Foaming


Modern hydraulic systems are under greater pressure than ever before to provide maximum power output with maximum energy efficiency and economical operation. A common problem encountered by operators is foaming of the hydraulic oil they are using, which in turn causes mechanical and operational issues. At GB Lubricants, we carefully formulate our hydraulic oil range to optimise and maintain your hydraulic system.

Foaming in hydraulic oil is caused by:

• Poor base oil quality

• Water and solids contamination

• Mechanical issues

Foaming in hydraulic oil causes:

• Increased oxidation

• Decreased lubrication

• Pump cavitation

Using low quality hydraulic oil can lead to mechanical failure.

GB Lubricants' Unipower® hydraulic oil range meets industry specification DIN 51524 part 2, which means its formulation has been tested for foaming, water separation, oxidation stability and more.  Our products also meet exacting OEM specifications. 

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