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Corporate Social Responsibility

A fundamental part of our decision making process

Our commitment to corporate social responsibility plays a fundamental part in our decision making processes, from board level to those working on the shop floor. As an organisation we’re deeply committed to improving the lives of those within our community, workforce and supply chain. 


We are hugely passionate about the people and wider community of Gateshead in which we are located. We are well respected within the area for its contribution to the community. As a business, we play a pivotal role in supporting local charities. In doing so nominating a charity that is the focal point of our fundraising activity. We work together with each of our employees to encourage engagement and to support team activities which go to raise much needed funds for those in need. 


Our approach to business also extends beyond local charities to our employees, providing a safe and socially fulfilling environment in which to work. This is evident in our long service history and very low staff turnover rates, of which we are hugely proud of. We look for and actively recruit staff that share this vision. 

Supply chain

Corporate social responsibility to us incorporates the entire supply chain. We have long established relationships with our suppliers, forming mutually beneficial relationships. In maintaining and developing these relationships in a socially responsible manner we are best placed to offer the best service to our customers. When seeking out new suppliers we always ensure there is an alignment in our values. 

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